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Clickfree Mobile Backup - Free

Award-winning Clickfree Automatic Backup is now available for your Android Tablet and Smartphone!

Clickfree is fully featured and automatically backs up all your valuable content locally, to your SD card or cloud storage account. Clickfree Mobile Backup supports a range of different cloud storage services.

Photos, music, videos, documents, applications, contacts and more are conveniently summarized in the built-in category viewer.

Easily retrieve and restore to an existing or new device.

With Clickfree, peace of mind has never been so easy.

You can download the Clickfree Backup App on Google Play.
What Gets Backed Up
Clickfree backs up your Android mobile devices for the following categories:

  • Photos
  • Music
  • Videos
  • Documents
  • Applications
  • Bookmarks
  • Contacts
  • Calendar

What to back up
How to Back Up
  • Make sure that your Android devices is switched on and has finished starting up
  • Click the Clickfree icon in your device's Applications window
  • The Clickfree Welcome window appears

Welcome Screen
When backing up to your SD card:
  • Click on Start. The backup will start immediately
  • During the backup, Clickfree displays a progress window
  • When you see the Backup Complete window after the backup is finished, simply click the Back button. You're done!
Backing up to Dropbox:
  • Click Options. The Options window will open
  • In the left side of the window select "where to backup", then choose "Cloud"
  • When the Dropbox login page appears, enter your user name and password. Your backup will start automatically

Backing up Where to back up

Options Where to Backup

How to Restore
Clickfree will restore your selected content to its original location. You can choose whether to restore all or just selected data. By default Clickfree restores all of the data that was backed up.
  • Click the Clickfree icon in your device's Applications window. When the Welcome window appears, click Restore
  • If you have backed up multiple devices onto the SD card, the Select Backup Set window will pop up
  • Select the name of the device whose content you want to restore the current device
  • The Restore window will open.
  • Select the categories you would want to restore, then click the Restore button. The restore process will start immediately

Restore Selection

How to View Backed up Content
  • Click the Clickfree icon in your device's Applications window
  • When the Welcome window appears, click Viewer
  • The Backup Summary window is displayed
  • Click on Photos to view all backed up photos

Photo Viewer Music Viewer
Software: Android 2.2+
Hardware: Android-compatible smartphone or tablet