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Light, durable and ultra-portable, the Clickfree Traveler will protect all of the personal files on a computer including photos, music, videos, email, contacts, web favorites, documents - over 400+ file types.

Wrapped in a Durable Aluminum Chassis, the Traveler easily connects to your PC or MAC with its slim USB connector that swings out from one side.

Available in 16GB, 32GB, 64GB capacities. Backing up all your files has never been easier.

Please note that this product is no longer available.
Clickfree™ uses patented and trademarked technology features to make complex tasks EASY


Easy RunEASY Run Learn more Watch and learn more
Patented Easy Run automatically backs up your photos, videos, music and other personal files

EASY OrganizerEASY Organizer
Automatically finds and organizes your photos and all other personal files for backup

EASY ViewerEASY Viewer Learn more Watch and learn more
View all backed up photos and other personal files just like on your original computer

EASY RestoreEASY Restore Learn more Watch and learn more
Your complete personal file backup and photos can be easily transferred to a new computer
EASY MusicEASY Music Learn more Watch and learn more
Import music and playlists from any iPod, iPad, iPhone

Easy ArchiverEASY Archiver
Make additional hard copy backups to CDs or DVDs

Password ProtectionPassword Protection
Easily protect backed up personal files with 256-bit hardware encryption
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Q.01013. Why does the Clickfree software not launch?

The Clickfree software does not launch successfully.
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Q.01014. Why can't I launch the Clickfree software?

The Clickfree drives Clickfree_System and CF_Storage are not detected.
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Q.01015. Why can't I launch the Clickfree software?

The Clickfree software does not launch, CF_Storage does not appear in My Computer.
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Q.01017. Why can't I launch the Clickfree software?

The Clickfree software does not launch, Clickfree_System does not appear in My Computer.
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Q.01018. How do I customize what file types or folders the Clickfree backs up?

Customizing the Clickfree backup settings.
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Q.01019. How do I perform a restore?

Restoring data using the Clickfree.
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Q.01020. How do I delete a file from the Clickfree backup?

Delete a file that has already been backed up.
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Q.01025. The Clickfree application is still running in the background, how do I force close it?

Ending Clickfree processes manually.
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Q.01026. How do I erase the data on my Clickfree?

Erasing data on Clickfree
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Q.01028. How do I know I'm the administrator for this computer?

Verifying administrator priviledges on your computer.
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Q.01029. How do I know my files were backed up?

Viewing backed up files.
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Q.01000. Why does my Clickfree get stuck at the searching or backup phase?

Unable to complete a backup.
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Q.01001. Can I backup an external drive with my Clickfree?

Backing up external hard drives.
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Q.01002. What does the Clickfree backup?

File extensions backed up by Clickfree
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Q.01003. What happens if I'm using Clickfree when my computer has a virus?

My computer is infected with a virus.
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Q.01024. How do I restore files from my Clickfree backup?

Restoring files from your Clickfree.
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Q.01031. Why does the Clickfree display an incorrect drive size in My Computer?

Incorrect drive size is displayed.
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Q.01033. The backup I created no longer appears in the Clickfree software, how can I retrieve my data?

Manually restore data.
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Q.01034. Why do I receive MAPI errors when performing a backup using Clickfree?

Fixing MAPI errors that appear during backup.
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Q.01035. What operating systems can I use with Clickfree?

Operating System Compatibility
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Q.01036. Can I change the hard drive inside of my Clickfree?

Replaced hard drive.
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Q.01037. Why am I prompted to format, erase, or reinitialize my Clickfree when I plug it into the computer?

Checking for file system errors.
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Q.01038. How do I properly eject the Clickfree from USB?

Safely remove Clickfree from the computer.
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Q.01039. Why is my Clickfree not detected by my computer?

The Clickfree software does not launch.
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Q.01040. Why does a UACProxy.exe error message appear when using the Clickfree in Windows?

UACProxy.exe cannot be found.
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Q.01048. How do I manually remove the Clickfree Traveler software from my computer?

Traveler - uninstall Clickfree software.
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Q.01049. How do I update the Clickfree software?

Update Clickfree software.
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Q.01050. Can I use a USB 3.0 version of a Clickfree device on a USB 2.0 port?

Clickfree USB port compatibility
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Q.01052. Where is the user manual for my Clickfree product?

Clickfree User Manual download links
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