Clickfree Automatic Backup Software
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Show/HideQ1. What if the Clickfree Backup Software doesn't start up automatically when an External USB drive is plugged in?
Show/HideQ2. How do I change how Clickfree does backups?
Show/HideQ3. Adding, removing, or editing file types
Show/HideQ4. Can I exclude an individual file from backup?
Show/HideQ5. Scheduling automatic backups
Show/HideQ6. What if there is not enough space on my USB drive?
Show/HideQ7. What if there is more than one user on my computer?
Show/HideQ8. What if I have more than one computer?
Show/HideQ9. What if I use more than one USB drive?
Show/HideQ10. How do I make multiple backups?
Show/HideQ11. Updating Clickfree Backup Software
Show/HideQ12. Resetting the USB drive